Protected: Nathaniel Clinic DRAFT 2023

An Outpatient Mental Health Clinic for Community Members with Criminal Legal System Involvement

Nathaniel Clinic Director: Billy Green,

People with mental illness and substance use disorders are vulnerable to repeated arrests and incarceration. Continued criminal legal system involvement can worsen mental illness and substance use and make it more difficult to receive adequate treatment. 

CASES Nathaniel Clinic is one of two-state licensed outpatient mental health clinics in New York City that specialize in serving people impacted by the criminal legal system. Located in Central Harlem with a satellite site in the Bronx, the Nathaniel Clinic provides free healthcare to community members and specializes in serving youth (age 13+) and adults with serious mental illness, substance use disorders, and criminal legal system involvement. With a team comprised of child and adult psychiatrists, licensed social workers/therapists, and primary health care professionals, the Clinic provides the following services: 

  • Counseling/therapy 
  • Crisis intervention 
  • Group therapy 
  • Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) 
  • Mobile Crisis Outreach 
  • Primary Care 
  • Psychiatry 
  • Rapid Response Treatment directly at Manhattan Arraignments 


Through comprehensive integrated mental health, substance use, and primary health care services, the Nathaniel Clinic fosters healing, wellness, and community reintegration. 

The Clinic served 1,257 people in FY23: 

  • Nearly 70% were involved in the criminal legal system (CLS), 31% of which were CLS-involved Black men 
  • 18% were homeless 
  • 4% were youth ages 13-17, 33% with serious emotional disturbance (SED) 
  • XX% of people with SMI enrolled in clinic services completed their court mandate

Nathaniel Clinic Programs

Mobile Outreach & Crisis Program (MOCP)
MOCP is a voluntary support service that aims to address acute crisis, serious emotional disturbance (SED), serious mental illness (SMI), co-occurring disorders, criminal legal system involvement, and substance use disorder (SUD) by reducing unnecessary hospitalizations, navigating reentry into the community, improving social determinants of health and reducing future crises within 60 to 90 days.
Eligibility: People 18+ with SED, SMI, SUD, co-occurring disorders, and/or who are in acute crisis.
How to Refer: Complete the Referral to Mobile Outreach & Crisis Program Form 

OnTrackNY serves young adults and adolescents who have recently begun experienceing psychotic symptoms, such as hallucinations or unusual thoughts or beliefs, and includes support to develop coping skills, make medical decisions, reach personal goals, and achieve overall wellness via a multidisciplinary support team.
Eligibility: Youth and young adults ages 16-30 experiencing early or first-episode psychosis (FEP)
How to Refer: Complete the Referral to CASES OnTrackNY Program Form 

Building Resilience in Youth
Through a partnership with the Police Athletic League (PAL), the clinic embeds a therapist/clinician at four community youth centers in Upper Manhattan and the Bronx. Building Resilience in Youth aims to increase mental health awareness and the capacity of mental health services through rapid clinical treatment for youth and their families, facilitating connections to care either at clinic or another provider the family prefers.
How to Refer:  

Rapid Response Treatment (RRT)
RRT provides psychiatry and peer support services in Manhattan Criminal Court Arraignments to people with behavioral health needs who are enrolled in CASES Manhattan Supervised Release Program (MSRP).
Eligibility: People enrolled in CASES MSRP who are identified as having a behavioral health need by CASES Court Services clinical staff.
How to Refer: Contact  

To make a referral to the Nathaniel Clinic, complete the Referral to the Nathaniel Clinic Form.