Protected: Manhattan Supervised Release DRAFT 2023

A Holistic Alternative to Bail and Pretrial Detention


Manhattan Supervised Release (MSRP) Director: Giles Malieckal,

Pretrial detention is a fundamentally unjust part of the criminal legal system, and this is largely due to cash bail—the amount of money required to secure release to the community while awaiting trial. The purpose of bail is to make sure that someone who has been charged with a crime returns to court; however, the current system has ended up resulting in widespread wealth and race-based incarceration. People who are assumed to be innocent but cannot afford to pay bail—many of whom are Black, Latine, low income, homeless, and/or diagnosed with serious mental illness—are forced to live in inhumane conditions for months and sometimes years awaiting trial. Given the current state of detention safety on Riker’s Island, including numerous deaths of individuals held in pretrial custody, the critical nature of these services has never been more apparent. By assisting clients to attend required court appearances, CASES MSRP team helps individuals avoid unnecessary jail detention and prevents disruptions to employment, housing, and treatment supports as well as family and community commitments. Furthermore, the MSRP team offers connections to community-based treatment and social support programs to help clients recover and succeed. 

After our Court Services team meets with a client, a judge may assign them to CASES MSRP, where they will have access to the following services: 

  • Comprehensive screening and clinical assessment 
  • Individualized goal development success planning 
  • Connections to mental health and substance use treatment 
  • Specialized harm reduction & opioid overdose prevention tools and counseling 
  • Enhanced mentoring services for youth and young adults
  • Street homeless outreach and engagement field work
  • Assistance and support with getting to court and avoiding rearrest 
  • Immediate access to basic needs items including food, clothing, communication devices and emergency respite housing



By diverting people from bail, pretrial detention, and incarceration to supervised release programs, CASES MSRP helps New Yorkers avoid detention in the city’s jails where individuals are exposed to trauma and experience disproportionately negative case outcomes.

In FY23, MSRP:

  • Diverted 5,169 people from bail, jail, and prison to community-based alternatives
  • Supported 64% of clients to avoid rearrest and 83% to avoid felony rearrest
  • Made 1,358 referrals to support services including employment/vocational, mental health, housing, emergency food, substance use, and other services

Eligibility & Contact

Eligibility: MSRP programming is available for people with a pending legal matter in New York County, including those unable to afford monetary bail.
How to Contact: Email