Protected: Court DRAFT 2023 Services

Intervening Directly at Arraignments or Post-Arraignment

Senior Court Services Director: Justine Tribou,

People trapped in cycles of arrest and incarceration often have unmet treatment needs that are worsened by the devastating impact of jail and prison on their health and their ability to connect to supports in the community, including treatment. Racial inequality magnifies these adverse impacts, especially for Black and Latine people with serious mental illnesses and substance use disorders. CASES Court Services team works in the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Manhattan courts to divert people away from jail and prison and into alternative-to-incarceration and Pretrial Services programs, intervening at the beginning of someone’s journey in the criminal legal system by identifying their needs and rapidly connecting them with services in the community. 

Seven days a week, Manhattan Criminal Court holds arraignment hearings from 9 AM to 1 AM, including holidays. CASES staff are onsite every minute, reviewing case files, connecting with attorneys and people who have been arrested, and advocating for release. The Court Services Team provides 24/7 assistance through the following services:  

  • Reviewing and assessing the records of the people served 
  • Conducting pre- and post-arraignment interviews  
  • Advocating for the release of those served to alternative-to-incarceration and Pretrial programs  
  • Providing care packages including food, clothing, and hygiene kits upon release from court 
  • Providing immediate psychiatric, nursing, and/or peer services for people experiencing acute behavioral health crisis, including substance withdrawal 
  • ADD providing vital life saving treatment such as Narcan right from court 
  • Connecting the people served to intake appointments at an office located in their most convenient borough  



By identifying people facing criminal charges who have histories of repeated arrests and frequent court-involvement, CASES Court Services creates a pathway to recovery and healing for thousands of New Yorkers every year.  

During FY23, CASES Court Services: 

  • Conducted approximately 8000+ pre-arraignment interviews 
  • Assisted in the facilitation of 30 9.43 orders, to connect people in acute crisis to mental health evaluation  
  • Redirected 5200+ people away from jail and prison and into CASES programs 

Court Services Referrals

CASES Court Services department is the front door to our pretrial and alternativeto incarceration (ATI) programs. For more information about where the people served by Court Services are referred, visit our Pretrial Services page. If you are looking for an ATI program to refer within the Bronx, Brooklyn, or Manhattan boroughs, please email