From the Courtroom to the Community

CASES believes in the power of community and the promise of a fair chance. That’s why we’re focusing on CASES Court Services for our spring fundraising campaign.

From Brownsville to the Bronx, from Jamaica to Harlem, our enthusiastic team of social workers, peer specialists, nurses, and court advocates bring hope to New Yorkers on their toughest days. Our teams are passionate about working with our clients to interrupt cycles incarceration and create pathways to recovery and success.

Many of our clients face serious mental illnesses, substance use issues and homelessness, exacerbated by the harsh realities of jail and prison. These challenges are even more daunting for Black, Latine, LGBTQIA+, low-income and disabled community members, who disproportionately must navigate deep-seated inequities embedded within our legal system.

CASES Court Services Team is a beacon for people who have become trapped in the system—we are present 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year at every arraignment hearing in Manhattan. We are friendly faces in a stressful environment, making sure that every person we meet in court feels recognized, not as a case file but as a human being with a unique story that doesn’t have to lead to Rikers Island or an upstate prison.

What We Do:

Assessment & Advocacy: We review case files and conduct pre-arraignment interviews to champion alternatives to jail and prison, taking every opportunity to advocate for a better future for our clients.

Immediate Support: We provide care packets—food, clothing, hygiene kits—to those who are released to our programs, helping them take their first steps back into the community with dignity and comfort.

Healthcare Access: We offer immediate psychiatric, nursing, and peer support services for those experiencing acute crises, ensuring that recovery starts the moment they step out of court.

Seamless Connections: We link individuals to CASES community-based services in their most convenient borough, ensuring a stable and continuous path to success.

Every contribution to CASES makes a difference, not just for the people we serve but for their families and communities.

Donate to new beginnings by making a contribution to CASES by June 30.


Your donation is critical to supporting CASES persistent, compassionate, and comprehensive services for New Yorkers impacted by the city’s criminal legal system to support healing and recovery. This page includes examples of what your donation may support. 

Did you know that many companies match their employees’ donations? To find out how you can double or triple your impact through your workplace, please contact your Human Resources Department and obtain a matching gift form.  

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