A Message From CASES: Suspending Our Use of Twitter

CASES is deeply dedicated to addressing the inequities faced by marginalized populations across New York City and promoting public safety through values that center equity, respect, and justice. Our social media platforms, including Twitter, have been a key aspect of engaging with clients, stakeholders, and the larger public—through Twitter, we have told stories about the resilience and strength of the people we serve, connected with and learned from people living in the communities we work in, and distributed key information about developments in the criminal legal system central to our fight for a more just city.  

In light of the recent developments at Twitter, CASES has decided to suspend our presence on the platform. The rise of hate speech and the silencing of journalists critical of the platform do not align with our values as an organization. Consistent with racist practices within the criminal legal system, the people served by CASES are predominantly people of color. Many are members of the LGBTQ+ community. CASES cannot continue to share the stories of our clients and promote our values on Twitter given the platform’s current climate and the lack of regulation around harmful speech and practices.  

At CASES, we believe in healing and change. We will be monitoring the developments at Twitter and should the platform strengthen its regulations and practices to ensure free, responsible speech, CASES will explore re-instating our presence on the platform.  

In the meantime, please find CASES on our LinkedIn page, which regularly provides updates from our CEO Jonathan McLean and information about opportunities to join the CASES team, as well as on Instagram and Facebook, which feature day-in-the-life program stories, CASES events, and advocacy efforts.