Introducing New Nathaniel Clinic Leadership: Billy Green and Marketa Friedland

CASES’ Nathaniel Clinic is thrilled to welcome Billy Green as new Director of Practice Operations. Mr. Green will work alongside Marketa Friedland, Clinical Supervisor, in managing day-to-day operations at the Nathaniel Clinic, CASES’ outpatient mental health clinic in Central Harlem. The clinic remains one of only two State-licensed outpatient clinics in New York City specializing in serving youth and adults with mental health needs who have current or recent involvement in the criminal justice system.

Billy Green was born and raised in Washington, D.C. and has more than 15 years of experience working in the healthcare industry in the D.C. metropolitan area. Most recently, Mr. Green worked at a nonprofit hospital in D.C. as the Director of Ambulatory Operations and Health Services, and he has extensive experience working with clients who face significant obstacles to accessing health care, including involvement in the criminal justice system, housing instability, and poverty.

“I am passionate about helping people who have been underserved and overlooked to access the physical and mental health care they need,” Mr. Green said. “Many people with involvement in the criminal justice system face unique challenges to accessing health care and other wellness services. I am proud to be joining the team at the Nathaniel Clinic, where we are able to connect justice-involved youth and adults to a broad range of services addressing each client’s individual needs.”

Mr. Green is looking forward to working with CASES’ staff at the clinic to ensure the clinic continues to provide quality behavioral health and wellness services. In these efforts, he is working closely with Ms. Friedland, who started at the Nathaniel Clinic in March 2016 as a Peer Wellness Specialist and is now the Clinical Supervisor. Ms. Friedland holds a degree in Social Work from the Hunter College of Social Work with a concentration in trauma-focused care and has spent the majority of her career working with people who are involved in the criminal justice system.

“It’s been so rewarding to help people get the services and supports they need, especially those who are navigating the process of returning to the community from jail or prison—a time that can be especially challenging for individuals with mental illness,” Ms. Friedland said.

To make a referral to the Nathaniel Clinic, please visit The clinic offers open-access/walk-in services every weekday from 9 AM-5 PM and primary care services every Wednesday.