“Power of Me, Power of We” Presentation a Huge Success

On Friday June 29th, CASES transformed into a brilliant photo gallery thanks to a new collaborative project between the International Center of Photography, Friends of Island Academy, and CASES. Through the exhibition entitled “Power of Me, Power of We,” the ten participants shared different their concepts of the theme “Power, Struggle and Breaking Through” using visual art and spoken word. The culmination of the ten week collaborative resulted in an interactive display of the participants’ photography, highlighting their work both as individuals and as a group. Photographing the transformation of their projects – from learning to use their cameras, to digitally editing photos, to the formal photo shoot in the ICP studio – allowed the audience to watch the participants grow with each week. Each participant presented their favorite photos of their collection at the exhibition, giving the audience both an auditory and visual demonstration of their projects. The exhibition was well attended by supporters of the ICP, Friends of Island Academy and CASES.