Hundreds Rally At City Hall in Support of Increased Funding For Alternatives To Incarceration and Reentry Programs

Members of the New York Alternatives to Incarceration/Reentry Coalition, including The Fortune Society, gathered May 31st on the steps of New York City Hall in a rally to urge City, State and Federal leaders to increase funding and save Alternatives to Incarceration (ATI) programs across New York State. Participants held signs and voiced their support for vital ATI and reentry programa, which play an integral role in the City’s overall effort to reduce crime.

Compared to the annual cost per person to place an individual in jail ($73,000), or in state prison ($38,000), the average annual per client cost of most ATI programs is $11,000 – representing an immense savings over the cost of incarceration. Each year, ATI/Reentry programs save City and State correctional systems more than $100 million. They also create savings through reduced reliance on hospitals, emergency rooms and inpatient care, foster care and homeless shelters.

Description of event courtesy of The Fortune Society