CASES is proud to be a supporter of HSC’s “Who Cares? I Do.” Campaign

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I care about… Senior centers. After-school programs. Meals for the homebound. Domestic violence shelters. Day care. Job training. Mental health. Physical health. And more…

Every day, thousands of people throughout New York receive vital human services from nonprofits in their communities. You, your children, your family, friends, and neighbors may be among them. Human services are not only lifelines for people in need; they improve the quality of life for all of us.

But to close soaring State and local government budget deficits, our lawmakers will have very difficult choices to make in the weeks and months to come.

“Who Cares? I Do.” is a statewide campaign that seeks to protect all of us from losing services that are essential to the well-being of real people in our communities.

We understand that difficult choices must be made and – as always – we will do our part. We urge government to preserve programs that are desperately needed, especially during the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. Any one of us may find ourselves in need of human services due to unexpected loss of a job, catastrophic illness, natural or man-made disaster, or other life circumstance.

  • In New York State, almost 800,000 people are out of work, and one of every seven New Yorkers, 2.7 million people, have fallen below the poverty line.
  • Human services programs are cost-effective, and provide a positive social and economic return on investment as they prevent more costly problems.
  • The human services agencies in our communities are employers, as well as consumers of goods and services, so budget cuts mean more job losses and less spending in our local economy.

Who Cares? I Do.

I care about people in need and maintaining a sound quality of life in New York.

I proudly add my name and join the call on government to allocate adequate State and local resources to all New Yorkers in need of essential services.