TCM Releases Report on First Three Years of Program Operations

On October 7, 2010, CASES’ Transitional Case Management Program shared results from an internal study of the program’s first three years of operations with members of the New York County Mental Health Diversion Workgroup. This group brings together high-level officials and service providers in the criminal justice and mental health communities to identify ways to address the ongoing treatment and diversion needs of court-involved individuals suffering from mental illness.

The CASES study shows that the program achieved a 32 percent reduction in average number of arrests for all participants that enrolled in the program and received at least one case management session. For more information, please see the following documents:

Transitional Case Management: A Promising Diversion Model – presents a brief history of the program and its evolution, participant characteristics, description of case management services, and a summary of the program’s impact on recidivism.

Transitional Case Management: Recidivism Outcomes – provides an in-depth look at the program’s impact on recidivism.